Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an internship program?

The Student Ambassador Program is not an internship, and student ambassadors have gone on to become McGraw-Hill employees.

Is there compensation?

Student Ambassadors receive complimentary access to McGraw-Hill digital products, as well as numerous opportunities throughout the year to win prizes for participation on and off campus.

How can you join the program?

You will need to Submit Your Application. If we have an opportunity, you may be contacted to schedule a brief phone call.

What is the time commitment involved?

We want you to be our ambassador for a minimum of one academic school year (we hope you’ll want to come back!). On the average, student ambassadors spend about 1-2 hours per week on ambassador activities.

Will I be given the opportunity to interact with McGraw-Hill professionals?

Yes! Student Ambassadors collaborate with their campus sales team when meeting with professors and conducting focus groups on campus.  You will also have the opportunity to network with our marketing and product development teams across the country.

How will I learn how to be an ambassador?

If you become a student ambassador, you will go through an initial orientation with the Student Ambassador team. You will also be partnered with a Student Ambassador Leader, a fellow ambassador with experience, and a campus sales team. Ongoing support and learning opportunities are provided throughout your tenure.

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