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Table of Contents

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Unit I: Getting Our Feet Wet

1. Practicing the Writing Process

2. Making the Most of Reading

Unit II: Working with the Paragraph

3. Crafting Paragraphs

4. Revising Paragraphs

5. Picturing A Place (Description)

6. Telling Your Own Story (Narration)

7. Illustrating through Examples

8. Creating and Explaining Groups (Classification)

9. Recognizing Causes, Explaining Effects

10. Explaining Activities: Doing and Understanding Them (Process Analysis)

11. Explaining Similarities and Differences (Comparison-Contrast)

Unit III: Working with the Essay

12. Introducing the Essay

13. Expanding Paragraphs into Essays

14. Revising Essays

15. Defining Terms, Clarifying Ideas (Definition)

16. Writing Persuasively (Argument)

17. Taking Essay Exams

*18. Writing with Research

Unit IV: Polishing Style

19. Creating Sentence Variety

20. Choosing the Most Effective Word

Unit V: Practicing Sentence Sense

21. Working with Sentence Parts

22. Using Coordination, Subordination, and Parallelism

23. Avoiding Run-Ons, Comma Splices, and Sentence Fragments

24. Working with Verbs: Form and Agreement

25. Working with Pronouns: Reference, Agreement, and Form

26. Describing with Adjectives and Adverbs

27. Using Commas, Other Punctuation, and Mechanics

28. Spelling and Distinguishing Sound-Alike Words

Unit VI: Additional Readings