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Women and the American Experience

Women and the American Experience

  • 5th Edition
By Nancy Woloch
Copyright: 2011

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1. Mary Rowland's Captivity

2. The Seventeenth Century: A Frontier Society

A Necessary Good

Housewifery and Trade

Servants and Slaves

Native American Women

Prophets and Saints

Invisible Furies

Suggested Readings and Sources

3. Eliza Pinckney and Republican Motherhood

4.The Eighteenth Century: The Eve of Modernity

Wives and Widows

Character and Capacity

Legal Institutions

Diversity of Cultures

The Cradle of the Revolution

The Pursuit of Happiness

Fathers and Daughters, Mothers and Sons

Suggested Readings and Sources

5. Sarah Hale and the Ladies Magazine

6. Promoting Woman's Sphere, 1800-1860

The Home and the World

Piety and Purity

Academy and Common School

Readers and Authors

Factory and Mill

City and Frontier

White Women in the Antebellum South

Suggested Readings and Sources

7. The Grimke Sisters Assail Slavery: The 1830s

8. Benevolence, Reform, and Slavery, 1800-1860

Origins of Association

Moral Reform

Women in Slavery

Abolition and the Woman Question

Communitarian Alternatives and Legal Rights

The Women's Rights Movement

Suggested Readings and Sources

9. The Shirtwaist Strike of 1909

10. Women at Work, 1860-1920

Civil War and Women's Work

The Black Experience

The Trans-Mississippi West

Immigrants, Cities, and Working Girls

Women in Industry

The Union Experience

Office, Store, and Classroom

Suggested Readings and Sources

11. The Founding of Hull House

12. The Rise of the New Woman, 1860-1920

Shrinking Families

The College Woman

The Professional Woman

Clubwomen and Crusaders

Educated Homemakers

Social Housekeepers

Suggested Readings and Sources

13. The Crisis of the NWSA

14. Feminism and Suffrage

An Independent Suffrage Movement

Finding a Constituency

The Argument over Suffrage

Voices on the Left

Peace, War, and the Women's Party

Women and the Vote

Suggested Readings and Sources

15. Direct Action: Margaret Sanger's Crusade

16. Cross-Currents: The 1920s

Feminists in Conflict

Aspiration and Career

Migrants and Immigrants

The New Morality

"Pals" and "Partners"

Companions and Consumers

Contraceptive Politics

Suggested Readings and Sources

17. Humanizing the New Deal, 1933

18. Emergencies: The 1930s and 1940s

Depression Families

Working Women

Women's New Deal

"Front Page Woman"

The Impact of World War II

Postwar Prospects

Suggested Readings and Sources

19. Turning Points: The Early 1960s

20. High Expectations: 1950-1975

Suburban Housewives

Working Mothers

Mixed Signals

Black Women in Postwar America

Civil Rights and Women's Liberation

Legitimizing Feminism

Suggested Readings and Sources

21. The Thomas Hearings: Responses to Anita Hill, 1991

22. In Search of Equality: Since 1975

Feminism and Stalemate

Women in the Workplace

Families in Transition

Immigration, Ethnicity, and Diversity

The Gender Gap

Women and the Law

Suggested Readings and Sources

23. Equal Pay for Equal Work: Lilly Ledbetter, 2007-2009

24. Recent Times: The Twenty-First Century

A Multi-Cultural Society

Domestic Lives

Educational Frontiers

The Global Marketplace

Politics, Public Policy, and Polarization

Looking Forward

Suggested Readings and Sources