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Part I. The Ancient World, 2000 BCE - 400 CE

Chapter 1. Bronze and Chariots, 10,000-600 BCE

Chapter 2. Empires, Elephants, and Ideologies: Asia, 800 BCE - 200 CE

Chapter 3. Polis and Phalanx: Greeks and Macedonians, 800-200 BCE

Chapter 4. Empire and Legion: Rome, 500 BCE - 400 CE

Chapter 5. Oars and Rams: Ancient Naval Warfare to 400 CE

Part I Commentary

Part II. The Age of Migration and Invasion, 400-1100

Chapter 6. The Nomadic World: Central Asia to 1100

Chapter 7. Chiefs and Warbands: Western Europe, 400-1100

Chapter 8. Cataphracts and Caliphs: The Middle East, 400-1100

Chapter 9. From Cavalry to Conscripts: China, 400-1100

Chapter 10. Predators and Police: Naval Warfare, 400-1100

Part II Commentary

Part III. The Age of Traditions in Conflict, 1100-1500

Chapter 11. Cross and Crescent: The Middle East, 1100-1450

Chapter 12. Knights, Castles, and Kings: Western Europe, 1050-1500

Chapter 13. Khans and Conquest: The Mongols, 1150-1400

Chapter 14. Scholars, Samurai, and Sultans: Asia, 1100-1500

Chapter 15. Mariners and Merchants: Naval Warfare, 1100-1571

Part III Commentary