Synthetic Fuels Handbook
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Fuel Sources - Conventional and Non-conventional
Chapter 2. Natural Gas
Chapter 3. Fuels From Petroleum and Heavy Oil
Chapter 4. Fuels From Tar Sand Bitumen
Chapter 5. Fuels From Coal
Chapter 6. Fuels From Oil Shale
Chapter 7. Fuels From Synthesis Gas
Chapter 8. Fuels From Biomass
Chapter 9. Fuels From Crops
Chapter 10. Fuels From Wood
Chapter 11. Fuels From Domestic and Industrial Waste
Chapter 12. Landfill Gas
Appendix A. Definition and Properties of Fuels and Feedstocks from Different Sources
Appendix B. Comparison of the Properties of Gaseous Fuels From Different Sources
Appendix C. Comparison of the Properties of Liquid Fuels From Different Sources