Sustainable Transportation Systems Engineering
Table of Contents

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Part I - Overview
Ch 1. Introduction
Ch 2. Major Challenges – finite resources, transportation congestion, climate change

Part II – Tools
Ch 3. A Systems Approach to Solving Transportation Problems
Ch 4. Transportation Technology Considerations
Ch 5. Modeling of Consumer Choice

Part III – Passenger Transporation
Ch 6. Overview of Passenger Transportation
Ch 7. Private Light-Duty Vehicle Solutions
Ch 8. Multimodal Passenger Transportation Solutions
Ch 9. Intercity Transportation Solutions

Part IV – Freight Transportation
Ch 10. Overview of Freight Transportation
Ch 11. Intramodal Solutions
Ch 12. Intermodal and Multimodal Solutions
Ch 13. Supply Chain Level Solutions

Part V – System-Wide Transportation Issues
Ch 14. Energy Security and Conventional Energy
Ch 15. Transportation and Air Quality
Ch 16. Electrified Transportation
Ch 17. Biofuel Transporation
Ch 18. Transportation and Security
Ch 19. Transportation Planning for Emergencies

Part VI – Conclusion
Ch 20. Conclusion – creating a sustainable transportation system for the 21st century