Selling: Building Partnerships
The 10th edition remains the most innovative textbook in Selling with its unique role plays, min-cases, and focus on knowledge and skills critical to the partnership process and successful business professionals.  
The text emphasizes the need for salespeople to be flexible and adapt strategies to customer needs, buyer social styles, and other relationship needs and strategies.
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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Chapter 1: Selling and Salespeople
Part 1: Knowledge and Skill Requirements
Chapter 2: Ethical and Legal Issues in Selling
Chapter 3: Buying Behavior and the Buying Process
Chapter 4: Using Communication Principles to Build Relationships
Chapter 5: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building
Part 2: The Partnership Process
Chapter 6: Prospecting
Chapter 7: Planning the Sales Call
Chapter 8: Making the Sales Call
Chapter 9: Strengthening the Presentation
Chapter 10: Responding to Objections
Chapter 11: Obtaining Commitment
Chapter 12: Formal Negotiating
Chapter 13: Building Partnering Relationships
Chapter 14: Building Long-Term Partnerships
Part 3: The Salesperson As Manager
Chapter 15: Managing Your Time and Territory
Chapter 16: Managing within Your Company
Chapter 17: Managing Your Career