The Real Value of Training: Measuring and Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality of ROI
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Introduction; Chapter 1: Talking About Performance Results; Chapter 2: Stone's Measurement and ROI process - A View from Above; Chapter 3: Beginning on the Right Foot - Partners in Performance and Measurement; Chapter 4: Create a Successful Data Collection Strategy; Chapter 5: Collect Relevant Performance Data; Chapter 6: Analyze and Adjust Results for Casual Influence; Chapter 7: Analyze and Adjust Results for Sustained Impace; Chapter 8: Go/No Go - Assign a Monetary Value to Business Outcome Data; Chapter 9: Calculate the Fully Loaded Cost of the Solution Design; Chapter 10 Calculating the Return on Investment and Assessing the Quality of ROI; Chapter 11 Measuring the Contribution of Solutions - Alternatives to ROI; Chapter 12 Communicating Results; Chapter 13 Opportunity Forecasting - Predicting Performance Improvement and ROI; Appendix