Real Leadership: 9 Simple Practices for Leading and Living with Purpose
Table of Contents

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Foreword v
Acknowledgments ix
Prologue xi

CHAPTER 1 First Things First 1
Decide Who You Are
CHAPTER 2 The People Business 27
Shine Your Light on Others
CHAPTER 3 Culture Shock 53
Build on Your Strengths
CHAPTER 4 Anchors to Windward 85
Earn Your Position
CHAPTER 5 Boom Years 115
Focus on What You Can Control
CHAPTER 6 Mortality 147
Develop a Peaceful Core
CHAPTER 7 Decision 173
Be a Lighthouse
CHAPTER 8 The End of the World 197
Don’t Burn Bridges
CHAPTER 9 Independence Day 227
Make Your Parents Proud

Epilogue 253
The Nine Practices 256
Index 257