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Crediitica, Inc. Case Study

Section A: Understanding the Basics of the Venture Capital Method

1. Developing a Financing Map

2. Getting to the First Stepping Stone

3. The Unique Cash Flow and Risk Dynamics of Early Stage Ventures

Section B: Raising the Finance

4. Determining the Amount of Capital to Raise and What to Spend It On

5. Getting Behind How Venture Capital Firms Think

6. Creating a Winning Business Plan

Section C: Valuing the Early Stage Venture

7. Funding Early-Stage Companies

Section D: Negotiating the Deal: Term Sheets

8. Agreeing a Term Sheet with a Venture Capitalist

9. Terms for Splitting the Rewards

10. Allocating Control Between Founders/Management and Investors

11. Aligning the Interests of Founders/Management and Investors

Section E: Exercises

12. Term Sheet Exercises

Appendix A

Appendix B