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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Acceptance Sampling

Availability Computations

Break-Even Analysis

Combinatorial Analysis and Probability

Depreciation Methods

Forecasting methods

Inventory Computations

Learning Curves

Life Cycle Costing

LSA Computations

Maintainability Computations

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Time Management

Managerial Accounting

Mean Time allocations & Predictions

PERT Computations

Project Earned Value Analysis

Provisioning Computations

Quality Control

Queing Theory

Reliability Computations

Repair Level Analysis

Spare Part Computations


Time Value of Money Computations

Appendix A: ILS Definitions

Appendix B: Failure Definitions

Appendix C: Maintenance Definitions

Appendix D: Logistics Activities

Appendix E: Logistics Acronyms