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Table of Contents

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Part 1. An Overview

Chapter 1. Psychological Testing and Assessment

Chapter 2. Historical, Cultural, and Legal/Ethical Considerations

Part 2. The Science of Psychological Measurement

Chapter 3. A Statistics Refresher

Chapter 4. Of Tests and Testing

Chapter 5. Reliability

Chapter 6. Validity

Chapter 7. Utility

Chapter 8. Test Development

Part 3. The Assessment of Abilities and Aptitudes

Chapter 9. Intelligence and Its Measurement

Chapter 10. Assessment for Education

Part 4. The Assessment of Personality

Chapter 11. Personality Assessment: An Overview

Chapter 12. Personality Assessment Methods

Part 5. Testing and Assessment in Action

Chapter 13. Clinical and Counseling Assessment

Chapter 14. Neuropsychological Assessment

Chapter 15. Assessment, Careers, and Business