Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers
Table of Contents

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1 Introduction

2 General Design Considerations

3 Process Design Development

4 Flowsheet Synthesis and Development

5 Software Use in Process Design

6 Analysis of Cost Estimation

7 Interest, Time Value of Money, Taxes, and Fixed Charges

8 Profitability, Alternative Investments, and Replacements

9 Optimum Design and Design Strategy

10 Materials and Fabrication Selection

11 Written and Oral Reports

12 Materials-Handling Equipment - Design and Costs

13 Reactor Equipment - Design and Costs

14 Heat-Transfer Equipment - Design and Costs

15 Separation Equipment - Design and Costs

Appendix A The International System (SI) of Units

Appendix B Auxiliary, Utility, and Instrumentation Cost Data

Appendix C Design Problems

Appendix D Tables of Physical Properties and Constants

Appendix E Heuristics for Process Equipment Design

Appendix F Software Useful for Design