Panorama: A World History Volume 2: From 1300
Panorama: A World History Volume 2: From 1300

Panorama: A World History Volume 2: From 1300

1st Edition
By Ross Dunn and Laura Mitchell
ISBN10: 0077482336
ISBN13: 9780077482336
Copyright: 2015
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Chapter 15

Calamities and Recoveries across Afroeurasia: 1300-1500

Environmental Crises of the Fourteenth Century

Downpour and Drought

The Great Pestilence

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Perspectives on the Black Death

Crises in the Political and Social Realms

China: The Collapse of Mongol Rule

Political and Economic Troubles in the Central Muslim Lands

The Conquests of Timur

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Ibn Khaldun: A Thinker for Modern Times

Europe in the Aftermath of the Black Death

Fifteenth-Century Recuperation

Technologies for the Future

Ming China: New Prosperity and a Maritime Thrust

South Asia: A Steadier Course of Change

Astronomy and Empire-Building in the Central Muslim Lands

The Meaning of Recovery in Europe


Chapter 16

Oceans Crossed, Worlds Connected: 1450-1550

On the Eve of the Great World Convergence

Changes in the Afroeurasian Trade Network

The Eastern Atlantic Rim

States in the Americas

The Birth of the Atlantic World

Changing Maritime Technology

Europeans and West Africans: Early Encounters

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Martin Behaim’s Fifteenth-Century Globe

Columbus’s Atlantic Crossing

American Catastrophes

American Death and the Columbian Exchange

The End of the Aztec Empire

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Malinche and Cortés: Descriptive Phrase tk

Assault on the Inca Empire

Spanish Empire-Building

Portuguese Stakes in Brazil

New Power Relations in the Southern Seas

To Capture the Spice Trade

The Trans-Pacific Link

Chapter 17

Afroeurasia and Its Powerful States: 1500-1600

Afroeurasia’s Political Panorama

The Ottoman Empire’s Dramatic Expansion

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE A European Ambassador Compares Armies

The Safavid Empire of Persia

Mughal Power in South Asia

Russia: From Principality to Empire

Japan and the Tokugawa

Strong Monarchies in Southeast Asia

The European States

The Songhay Empire

The New Era of Guns

New and Deadly Armies

The Military Revolution

The Limits of Central Power

Trends in Religion, Language, and Culture

Intellectual and Moral Ferment in China

Tension between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims

Religious Crisis in Europe

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Gracia Luna Mendez Nasi: A Sixteenth-Century Business Woman

Vernacular Languages and the State

Languages of Cultural Prestige

Chapter 18

The Expanding Global Economy: Expectations and Inequalities: 1550-1700

The Global Network Takes Shape

Technology and Organization for Global Exchange

The Continuing Columbian Exchange

Afroeurasia and the Expanding World Economy

Western Europe’s Economic Surge

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Louis De Geer: A Capitalist Success Story

Centuries of Silver in East Asia

Asians and Europeans in the Southern Seas

Overland Trade on the Silk Roads

The Atlantic Economy: Land, Capital, and Slave Labor

The Atlantic Economy and African Slavery

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Servants and Slaves on a Barbabos Sugar Plantation

Change in Atlantic Africa

Chapter 19

The Changing Balance of Wealth and Power: 1650-1750

Empires and Big States

Chinese Prosperity and Imperialism

Russia from the Pacific to Poland

The Spanish Empire in America

Europe: Successes and Failures of Absolutism

European Settlement and the Fate of Indigenous Peoples

Early European Settlers in North America

Russian Settlement of Siberia

European and Khoisan in South Africa

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE The Journal of a Dutch Commander at the Cape of Good Hope

Alternative Visions of God, Nature, and the Universe

The Scientific Revolution

The Enlightenment: Rethinking Human Nature and Society

The Continuing Growth of Islam and Christianity

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita: A Visionary Christian of the Kongo


Chapter 20

Waves of Revolution: 1720-1830

World Economy and Politics, 1720-1763

A Commercializing World

Troubled Empires in Asia

Global Sea Trade and the Eighteenth-Century “World War”

Revolutions on the North Atlantic Rim

The Global Context of Popular Revolt

The War of Independence in North America

The French Revolution

The Idea of Nationalism

The Birth of Haiti

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Toussaint Louverture Writes to the French Directory

The Second Wave: Revolutions in Latin America

Colonial Society on the Eve of Rebellion

The Wars of Independence

INDIVIDUALS MATTER José de San Martín: Descriptive Phrase tk

Many Young States

Chapter 21

Energy and Industrialization: 1750-1850

The Energy Revolution

The Fuel that Lies Beneath

The End of the Biological Old Regime

Industry on a New Scale

Cotton and the Drift to Industrialization

Mines and Machines

Working in Factories

Was There Something Special about Britain?

Social and Environmental Consequences of Early Industrialization

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Ned Ludd: Legendary Foe of Industry

Industrialization and Global Trade in the Early Nineteenth Century

The Energy Revolution Takes Hold

The Threads of Commerce

Free Trade and the New Doctrine of Liberalism

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE On Legalizing Opium in China

Chapter 22

Coping with Change in the New Industrial Era: 1830-1870

Waves of Migrants

The End of the Atlantic Slave Trade

The Outpouring from Europe

Neo-Europes and the Fates of Indigenous Peoples

Migrations of Asians and Africans

Oceania Connected

Groundswells of Political and Social Reform

Nationalism and the Power of the People

Varieties of Socialism

Movements for Women’s Rights

Movements for Political Reform and Unification in Europe

Modernizing Reforms in Muslim Lands

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE A Moroccan Diplomat in France

The Limits of Liberalism in Latin America

Religion and Reform

Global Trends and Religious Change

Christian Evangelism

Jewish Reform

Religious Reform and Revolution in the Muslim World

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Ram Mohan Roy: Hindu Reformer

Global Change and the Calamitous Wars of Mid-Century

The Crimean War and the Industrialization of Violence

Paraguay: A War of Annihilation

The Taiping Rebellion in China

The Indian Rebellion

The American Civil War

Chapter 23

Capital, Technology, and the Changing Balance of Global Power: 1860-1914

The Spread of Steam-Powered Industry

Wealthy Britain

Industrial Hubs in Europe and the United States

Smokestacks in Russia

The Meiji Restoration and Japanese Industry

Industrialization on Smaller Scales: Gains and Disappointments

Capitalism’s Global Reach

The World-Wide Communications Grid

Feeding Industrial Societies

Rich Regions, Poor Regions

The Lot of the Urban Working Classes

Globalizing Business, Technology, and Science

European Imperialism and Popular Resistance

The Road to Colonialism in Africa and Southeast Asia

Why did European Invasions Succeed?

Resistance Movements and Their Consequences

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Contrasting Perspectives on War in East Africa

States that Survived

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Chulalongkorn: Descriptive Phrase TK


Chapter 24

Innovation, Revolution, and Global Crisis: 1890-1920

Turn-of-the-Century Prosperity, 1890-1914

Commerce and Gold

Urbanization and Migration

Scientific and Technical Advances

Global Inequities and Their Consequences

Drought and Plague

Africa and Southeast Asia under New Colonial Rulers

Worker Protest and Nationalist Ferment in Europe

Five Revolutions

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Qiu Jin: Social Reformer

The Great War, 1914-1918

Lighting the Fuse

A World at War

Total War

Russia: From War to Revolution

Peace and Consequences

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Arab Independence that Was Not to Be

Chapter 25

Turbulent Decades: 1918-1935

Postwar Trends in Society and Culture

Population Trends

New Ways of Living in the Industrialized World

Scientific Challenges to the Knowable Universe

Modernity and Modernism

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Diego Rivera: Mexican Modernist

Clashing Ideologies in the Political Arena

Democratic Hopes

The Soviet Union: Communist Authoritarianism

Nationalists and Communists in China

New Governments on the Political Right

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Turkish Views on Dress and National Identity

Left and Right in Latin America

Colonial Rule and its Opponents in Africa and Asia

Economy and Society in the Colonial Empires

Ways of Ruling

Foreign Immigrants in Colonized Lands

Colonial Rule Contested

The Great Depression and its Consequences

The Steep Descent

Depression and the Continuing Trend toward Authoritarian Leaders

Chapter 26

World War II and Its Aftermath: 1933-1950

Empire-Building And Global Crisis

Empire of the Sun

The Nazi State

Italy’s Foreign Exploits

Fascist Dictatorship in Spain

The Greatest War

The Years of Axis Victory, 1939-1942

The Years of Counteroffensive, 1942-1945

The Second Total War

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Olga Lisikova: Soviet Combat Pilot

The War beyond the Theaters of War

The War and the Global Environment

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Propaganda for Wartime Conservation

In The Wake Of War, 1945-1950

Restoring Stability, Enforcing Justice

The Two New Empires

World War II and the Challenge to Colonial Empires

Communist Victory in China

Chapter 27

The Global Boom and Its Contradictions: 1945-1975

Population And Economy: An Era Of Spectacular Growth

Global Population at Its Crest

The Postwar Economic Boom

Economic Growth in Communist States

The Worldwide Lure of Industrialization

Cities, Suburbs, and Shantytowns

Postwar Consumer Society

The Biosphere Disturbed

The Cold War Wears On

The Era of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)

The Cold War Goes Global

Fights For Freedom And Justice

Paths to Independence: Politics and Protest

Paths to Independence: Insurgency and Revolution

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE Frantz Fanon on the Shortcomings of the National Bourgeoisie

Struggles for Stability in Young States

High Expectations and Social Protest

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Alexander Dubček: Descriptive Phrase TK

Chapter 28

Countercurrents of Change:1970 to the Present

An Electrified World

The Era of the Integrated Circuit

The Electronics of Transport

Computers and the Body

Unintended Consequences of Electronic Innovation

Countercurrents in the Global Economy

The 1970s: An Economic Turning Point

Conflicting Capitalist Doctrines

Shifting Centers of Economic Power

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE An Artist's Comment on Capitalism in China

The Persistence of Poverty

Migration and the Global Economy

Countercurrents in the Search for Global Order

The World State System since 1970

A World of Organizations

Disorder and Breakdown in an Era of Global Integration

Palestinians and Israelis

Into the Anthropocene

Environment and Environmentalism

INDIVIDUALS MATTER Wangari Maathai: Environmental Activist and Nobel Laureate

The Perils of Climate Change