Oracle Database 11g The Complete Reference
Table of Contents

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PART I: Critical Database Concepts
Ch 1: Oracle Database 11g Architecture Options
Ch 2: Installing Oracle Database 11g and Creating a Database
Ch 3: Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g
Ch 4: Planning Oracle Applications—Approaches, Risks, and Standards
Ch 5: The Basic Parts of Speech in SQL
Ch 6: Basic SQL*Plus Reports and Commands
Ch 7: Getting Text Information and Changing It
Ch 8: Searching for Regular Expressions
Ch 9: Playing the Numbers
Ch 10: Dates: Then, Now, and the Difference
Ch 11: Conversion and Transformation Functions
Ch 12: Grouping Things Together
Ch 13: When One Query Depends upon Another
Ch 14: Some Complex Possibilities
Ch 15: Changing Data: insert, update, merge, and delete
Ch 16: DECODE and CASE: if, then, and else in SQL
Ch 17: Creating and Managing Tables, Views, Indexes, Clusters, and Sequences
Ch 18: Partitioning
Ch 19: Basic Oracle Security
PART III: Beyond the Basics
Ch 20: Advanced Security—Virtual Private Databases
Ch 21: Advanced Security: Transparent Data Encryption
Ch 22: Working with Tablespaces
Ch 23: Using SQL*Loader to Load Data
Ch 24: Using Data Pump Export and Import
Ch 25: Accessing Remote Data
Ch 26: Using Materialized Views
Ch 27: Using Oracle Text for Text Searches
Ch 28: Using External Tables
Ch 29: Using Flashback Queries
Ch 30: Flashback—Tables and Databases
Ch 31: SQL Replay
Ch 32: An Introduction to PL/SQL
Ch 33: Online Application Upgrades
Ch 34: Triggers
Ch 35: Procedures, Functions, and Packages
Ch 36: Using Native Dynamic SQL and DBMS_SQL
Ch 37: PL/SQL Tuning
PART V: Object-Relational Databases
Ch 38: Implementing Types, Object Views, and Methods
Ch 39: Collectors (Nested Tables and Varying Arrays)
Ch 40: Using Large Objects
Ch 41: Advanced Object-Oriented Concepts
PART VI: Java in Oracle
Ch 42: An Introduction to Java
Ch 43: JDBC Programming
Ch 44: Java Stored Procedures
PART VII: Hitchhiker's Guides
Ch 45: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Oracle Data Dictionary
Ch 46: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Tuning Applications and SQL
Ch 47: SQL Result Cache and Client-Side Query Cache
Ch 48: Case Studies in Tuning
Ch 49: Advanced Architecture Options--DB Vault, Content DB, and Records DB
Ch 50: Oracle Real Application Clusters
Ch 51: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Database Administration
Ch 52: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to XML in Oracle
Part VIII Alphabetical Reference