Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2018
- Full course solution:  Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2018 includes 5 months access to QuickBooks Accountant 2018 software. Add Connect to provide additional resources and support.
- 3 step-approach: Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2018 uses a 3 step approach to simplify and streamline learning QuickBooks.
- Certification Alignment: Chapter 17 Quick Review Guide streamlines students’ review for the QuickBooks User Certification examination.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Section I: Exploring QuickBooks with Rock Castle Construction

1 Quick Tour of QuickBooks

2 Customizing QuickBooks and the Chart of Accounts

3 Banking

4 Customers and Sales

5 Vendors, Purchases, and Inventory

6 Employees and Payroll

7 Reports and Graphs

Section II: QuickBooks Accounting for Entrepreneurs

8 New Company Setup

9 Accounting for a Service Company

10 Merchandising Corporation: Sales, Purchases, and Inventory

11 Merchandising Corporation: Payroll

12 Advanced QuickBooks Features for Accountants

13 QuickBooks Live Consulting Project

14 QuickBooks Online Accountant

Section III: Quick Guide

QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks Utilities and General Product Knowledge

List Management


Sales (Customer Transactions)

Purchases (Vendor Transactions)

Payroll (Employee Transactions)


Basic Accounting

Customization/Saving Time and Shortcuts

Section IV: QuickBooks Extras

Appendix A Install & Register QuickBooks Software

Appendix B Back Up & Restore QuickBooks Files

Appendix C QuickBooks Issue Resolution

Appendix D Go Digital with QuickBooks

Appendix E QuickBooks & My Mac

Appendix F