Moving The Earth: The Workbook of Excavation Sixth Edition
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Preface to Sixth Edition; Acknowledgments; Introduction to First Edition; Part 1: The Work; Chapter 1. Land Clearing and Controls; Chapter 2. Surveys and Measurements; Chapter 3. Rock, Soil, and Mud; Chapter 4. Basements; Chapter 5. Ditching and Dewatering; Chapter 6. Ponds and Earth Dams; Chapter 7. Landscaping and Agricultural Grading; Chapter 8. Roadways; Chapter 9. Blasting and Tunneling; Chapter 10. Pit Operation; Chapter 11. Costs and Management; Part 2: The Machines; Chapter 12. Basic Information; Chapter 13. Revolving Shovels and Excavators; Chapter 14. Conveyor Machinery; Chapter 15. Tractors and Bulldozers; Chapter 16. Front-End Loaders; Chapter 17. Scrapers; Chapter 18. Trucks and Trailers; Chapter 19. Grading and Compacting Machinery; Chapter 20. Compressors and Drills; Chapter 21. Auxiliary Equipment; Appendix; Glossary; Index