Modern Flight Dynamics
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction and Topical Review

Chapter 2: Equations of Motion of the Rigid Vehicle

Chapter 3: Structural Vibrations- A "Just-In-Time Tutorial"

Chapter 4: The Equations of Motion for Elastic Vehicles

Chapter 5: Basic Aerodynamics of Lifting Surfaces

Chapter 6: Modeling the Forces and Moments on the Vehicle

Chapter 7: Effects of Elastic Deformation on the Forces and Moments

Chapter 8: Math Model Assembly and Flight Simulation

Chapter 9: Analysis of Steady and Quasi-Steady Flight

Chapter 10: Linear Flight-Dynamics Analysis

Chapter 11: Feedback Stability Augmentation

Chapter 12: Automatic Guidance and Control–Autopilots

Chapter 13: Control Characteristics of the Human Pilot

Appendix A: Properties of the Atmosphere

Appendix B: Data for Several Aircraft

Appendix C: Models of Atmospheric Turbulence

Appendix D: Cramer’s Rule for Solving Simultaneous Equations