Microsoft® Office 2013: In Practice
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Office–Chapter 1: Microsoft Office 2014 Overview

Word–Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Business Documents

Word–Chapter 2: Formatting and Customising Documents

Word–Chapter 3: Using Tables, Columns, and Graphics

Word–Chapter 4: Using Templates and Mail Merge

Integrating Word Skills

Excel–Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Worksheets

Excel–Chapter 2: Using Formulas and Functions

Excel–Chapter 3: Creating and Editing Charts

Excel–Chapter 4: Importing, Creating Data Tables, and Filtering Data

Integrating Word and Excel Skills

Access–Chapter 1: Creating a Database and Tables

Access–Chapter 2: Using Design View, Data Validation, and Relationships

Access–Chapter 3: Creating and Using Queries

Access–Chapter 4: Creating and Using Forms and Reports

Integrating Word, Excel, and Access Skills

PowerPoint–Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Presentations

PowerPoint–Chapter 2: Illustrating Slides with Pictures and Graphical Elements

PowerPoint–Chapter 3: Preparing for Delivery and Using a Slide Presentation

Integrating Office Skills


– Using Office Help

– Business Document Formats

– Getting the Most Out of SimNet and SimGrader

– Office Shortcuts

– Office Web Apps

– Customising Microsoft Office 2014

– Certification??

– OneNote??

– Using (Running) Office 2014 for Mac Users (partitioning your hard drive dual boot)