Mechanical Metallurgy
Table of Contents

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I Mechanical Fundamentals

1 Introduction

2 Stress and Strain Relationships for Elastic Behavior

3 Elements of the Theory of Plasticity

II Metallurgical Fundamentals

4 Plastic Deformation of Single Crystals

5 Dislocation Theory

6 Strengthening Mechanisms

7 Fracture

III Applications to Materials Testing

8 The Tension Test

9 The Hardness Test

10 The Torsion Test

11 Fracture Mechanics

12 Fatigue of Metals

13 Creep and Stress Rupture

14 Brittle Fracture and Impact Testing

IV Plastic Forming of Metals

15 Fundamentals of Metalworking

16 Forging

17 Rolling of Metals

18 Extrusion

19 Drawing of Rods, Wires and Tubes

20 Sheet-Metal Forming

21 Maching of Metals