LSC Lunar Handbook
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: History of Lunar Exploration
Chapter 2: The Human Desire to Explore
Chapter 3: Economical, Political, Legal, and Managerial Aspects
Chapter 4: The Future of Lunar Exploration
Chapter 5: The Lunar Environment
Chapter 6: Earth-Moon Transportation
Chapter 7: Lunar Base Siting
Chapter 8: Lunar Base Development
Chapter 9: Lunar Base Elements and Surface Infrastructure
Chapter 10: Habitats, Laboratories, and Airlocks
Chapter 11: Thermal Control System
Chapter 12: Power Supply and Energy Storage
Chapter 13: Lunar Base Life Support and Crew Health
Chapter 14: Communication and Navigation Systems
Chapter 15: Science at a Lunar Base
Chapter 16: Shielding Requirements and Concepts
Chapter 17: Lunar Extra-vehicular Activities (EVAs)
Chapter 18: Lunar Surface Vehicles
Chapter 19: Lunar Resource Utilization
Chapter 20: Lunar Base Logistics
Chapter 21: Lunar Base Acquisition and Operations Costs
Chapter 22: Lunar Base Analogs
Chapter 23: Lunar Base Modeling
Chapter 24: The Future and Beyond
Appendix 1: MoU for a Lunar Planning Office
Appendix 2: Moon Treaty
Appendix 3: VOICE Trajectory Program
Appendix 4: Lunar Base-related Web Sites