Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/1260117561.jpeg 1 9781260117561 Winner of a 2019 International Book Award, Silver Medalist in the 2019 American Business Awards, Finalist for International Book of the Year at the 2019 Business Book Awards, and one of Forbes' Top Ten Business Books for 2018. A book for a different breed of business leader, one who looks beyond the moment to create a life of significance. Most of us are familiar with the traditional way of looking at legacy—something preserved in the past. Traditional legacy is all around us, evidenced by the steady churn of autobiographies, bequests, commemorations, and dedications we are forever leaving in our collective cultural wake. This is not the legacy you will find in this book. Legacy in the Making celebrates an active, dynamic form of “modern legacy,” seen through the eyes of a select group of extraordinary men and women who are pursuing their enduring ambitions in the age of now. More than caretakers of the past, these modern legacy builders are also the authors of a vital today and tomorrow. Rather than leaving their legacies behind them, they are looking ahead to harness their long-term ambitions and inspire others to help carry them forward. These are not static, traditional legacies. These are legacies in the making.
Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World

Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World

1st Edition
By Mark Miller and Lucas Conley and Yvon Chouinard
ISBN10: 1260117561
ISBN13: 9781260117561
Copyright: 2018

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ISBN10: 1260117561 | ISBN13: 9781260117561



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Foreword by Yvon Chouinard

Introduction: The End of Legacy as We Know It

Chapter One: Take Leadership Personally

"Contribution before Extraction"
The Tribeca Film Festival

"Opportunities out of Obstacles"
Girls Who Code

"Lead, Don't Manage"
NYX Cosmetics

Chapter Two: Behave Your Beliefs

"Your Culture is Your Product"
The Honest Company

"Deeds, Not Words"
The Bluebird Cafe

"Empower Your Believers"
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Chapter Three: Let Outsiders In

"Effect Change"

"Share Your Secrets"
The San Diego Zoo 

"Enroll Consumers as Coauthors"
The It Gets Better Project

Chapter Four: Invent Your Own Game

"Don't Be the Best--Be the Only One"
Grey Goose

"Define Your Category (Don't Let It Define You)"
The Belmont Stakes

"Ask Smarter Questions"

Chapter Five: Never Stop Making History

"Don't Just Have a Plan, Stick with It"
The Toronto Maple Leafs

"Let the Past Inform the Present" 
The Championships, Wimbledon

"Transcend Generations" 
Taylor Guitars

Conclusion: The Beginning of Your Legacy in the Making