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Table of Contents

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Foreword by Yvon Chouinard

Introduction: The End of Legacy as We Know It

Chapter One: Take Leadership Personally
"Contribution before Extraction"
The Tribeca Film Festival

"Opportunities out of Obstacles"
Girls Who Code

"Lead, Don't Manage"
NYX Cosmetics

Chapter Two: Behave Your Beliefs

"Your Culture is Your Product"
The Honest Company

"Deeds, Not Words"
The Bluebird Cafe

"Empower Your Believers"
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Chapter Three: Let Outsiders In

"Effect Change"

"Share Your Secrets"
The San Diego Zoo 

"Enroll Consumers as Coauthors"
The It Gets Better Project

Chapter Four: Invent Your Own Game

"Don't Be the Best--Be the Only One"
Grey Goose

"Define Your Category (Don't Let It Define You)"
The Belmont Stakes

"Ask Smarter Questions"

Chapter Five: Never Stop Making History

"Don't Just Have a Plan, Stick with It"
The Toronto Maple Leafs

"Let the Past Inform the Present" 
The Championships, Wimbledon

"Transcend Generations" 
Taylor Guitars

Conclusion: The Beginning of Your Legacy in the Making