Law for Business
Table of Contents

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PART ONE Introduction to the Law

1 Law, Legal Reasoning, and the Legal Profession

2 Dispute Settlement

3 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

4 Business and the Constitution

5 Crimes

6 Intentional Torts

7 Negligence and Strict Liability

8 Licensing and Intellectual Property

PART TWO Contracts

9 The Nature and Origins of Contracts

10 Creating a Contract: Offers

11 Creating a Contract: Acceptances

12 Consideration

13 Capacity to Contract

14 Voluntary Consent

15 Illegality

16 The Form and Meaning of Contracts

17 Third Parties’ Contract Rights

18 Performance and Remedies


19 Formation and Terms of Sales Contracts

20 Warranties and Product Liability

21 Performance of Sales Contracts

22 Remedies for Breach of Sales Contracts

PART FOUR Agency and Employment

23 The Agency Relationship—Creation, Duties, and Termination

24 Liability of Principals and Agents to Third Parties

25 Employment Laws

PART FIVE Business Organizations

26 Which Form of Business Organization?

27 Partnerships

28 Formation and Termination of Corporations

29 Management of the Corporate Business

30 Financing the Corporation and the Role of the Shareholders

31 Securities Regulation

32 Legal Liability of Accountants

PART SIX Property

33 Personal Property and Bailments

34 Real Property

35 Landlord and Tenant

36 Estates and Trusts

37 Insurance

PART SEVEN Commercial Paper

38 Negotiable Instruments

39 Negotiation and Holder in Due Course

40 Liability of Parties

41 Checks and Electronic Fund Transfers

PART EIGHT Credit Transactions

42 Introduction to Security

43 Security Interests in Personal Property

44 Bankruptcy

PART NINE Government Regulation

45 The Antitrust Laws

46 Consumer Protection Laws

47 Environmental Regulation


A The Constitution of the United States of America

B Glossary of Legal Terms and Definitions

C Spanish-English Equivalents for Important Legal Terms