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Table of Contents

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Program Details

1) The Bottom Line: Quality and Business Performance

2) Organization-wide Assessment of Quality

3) Improving Quality While Decreasing Cost

4) Quality By Design To Increase Sales

5) Control of Quality to Maintain Superior Performance

6) Business Management

7) Organizational Roles To Support A Quality Culture

8) Integrating Quality into the Enterprise Strategic Plan

9) Creating a Quality Culture

10) Inspection, Test, and Measurement

11) Understanding Customer Needs

12) New Product Development's Role in Designing for Quality

13) Managing the Quality in Operations-Manufacturing

14) Managing Quality in Operations-Service

15) Managing the Chain Supply

16) Quality Assurance & Audits

17) The Role of Statistics and Probability

18) Tools for Analyzing Data

19) Statistical Tools to Design for Quality

20) Tools to Maintain the Quality of Control

Appendix I - Tables

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Index - Subject