Interviewing: Principles and Practices
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- Reflects the growing sophistication with which interviewing is being approached 

- Incorporates the expanding body of research in all types of interview settings, recent communication theory, and the importance of equal opportunity laws on interviewing practices 

- Provides the most thorough treatment of the basics of interviewing, including the complex interpersonal communication process, types and uses of questions, and the structuring of interviews from open to close

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Interviewing

Chapter 2: An Interpersonal Communication Process

Chapter 3: Questions and Their Uses

Chapter 4: Structuring the Interview

Chapter 5: The Informational Interview

Chapter 6: The Survey Interview

Chapter 7: The Recruiting Interview

Chapter 8: The Employment Interview

Chapter 9: The Performance Interview

Chapter 10: The Persuasive Interview

Chapter 11: The Counseling Interview

Chapter 12: The Health Care Interview