Human Relations in Organizations: Applications and Skill Building
A workbook-style approach, the 11th edition is perfect for incorporating activities and exercises into the classroom - and helps students master critical concepts as well as develop skills they can use in their professional lives. 
The 11th edition provides a balanced, three-pronged approach: a clear concise understanding of human relations and organizational behavior concepts; application; and development of skills.
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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1: Intrapersonal Skills: Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance
Chapter 1: Understanding Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance and Being Happy
Chapter 2: Personality, Stress, Learning, and Perception
Chapter 3: Attitudes, Self-Concept, Values, and Ethics
Part 2: Interpersonal Skills: The Foundation of Human Relations
Chapter 4: Communications, Emotions, and Criticism
Chapter 5: Dealing with Conflict
Part 3: Leadership Skills: Influencing to Help Yourself and Others Succeed
Chapter 6: Leading and Trust
Chapter 7: Motivating Performance
Chapter 8: Ethical Power and Politics 
Chapter 9: Networking and Negotiating
Part 4: Leadership Skills: Team and Organizational Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance
Chapter 10: Team Dynamics, Creativity and Problem Solving, and Decision Making
Chapter 11: Organizational Change and Culture
Chapter 12: Valuing Diversity and Inclusion Globally
Appendix A: Time, Career, and Etiquette Management
Appendix B: Applying Human Relations Skills