Human Diversity in Education

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1 Foundations for Teaching in an Increasingly Intercultural Context

Chapter 1 Education in a Changing Society

Chapter 2 Multicultural Education: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives

Chapter 3 Culture and the Culture-Learning Process

Chapter 4 Classrooms and Schools as Cultural Crossroads

Chapter 5 Intercultural Development: Considering the Growth of Self and Others

2 Multicultural Teaching in Action

Chapter 6 Creating Classrooms That Address Race and Ethnicity

Chapter 7 The Classroom as a Global Community: Nationality and Region

Chapter 8 Developing Learning Communities: Language and Learning Style

Chapter 9 Religious Pluralism in Secular Classrooms

Chapter 10 Developing a Collaborative Classroom: Gender and Sexual Orientation

Chapter 11 Creating Developmentally Appropriate Classrooms: The Importance of Age and Developmental Status

Chapter 12 Creating Inclusive Classrooms: The Ability/Disability Continuum and the Health Dimension

Chapter 13 Improving Schools for All Children: The Role of Social Class and Social Status in Teaching and Learning



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