How to Do Everything with Windows Mobile
Table of Contents

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How to Do Everything with Your Windows Mobile(TM) Device



Part I: Get Started with Windows Mobile

Chapter 1: Welcome to Windows Mobile

Chapter 2: Get Acquainted with Your Pocket PC

Chapter 3: Personalize with Your Pocket PC

Chapter 4: Change Your Pocket PC System Settings

Chapter 5: Get Acquainted with Your Smartphone

Part II: Connect with PCs

Chapter 6: Connect to Desktop PCs

Chapter 7: Sychronize Data

Chapter 8: Manage Your Device

Part III: Get Connected with Windows Mobile

Chapter 9: Call a Friend

Chapter 10: Connect to Networks

Chapter 11: Send and Receive E-Mail

Chapter 12: Browse the Web

Part IV: Make the Most Out of Windows Mobile

Chapter 13: Get Organized

Chapter 14: Create Documents

Chapter 15: Crunch Numbers

Chapter 16: Be Productive at Work

Chapter 17: Travel with Windows Mobile

Chapter 18: Have Fun with Games, Pictures, Music, Books, and Movies

Chapter 19: Do More with Windows Mobile