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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education

Chapter 2: Summer, Egypt, China and Mesoamerica

Chapter 3: Greece

Chapter 4: Rome

Chapter 5: Philosophy, Sport, and Physical Education During the Middle Ages: 900-1400

Chapter 6: The Renaissance and the Reformation: 1300-1600

Chapter 7: The Age of Science and the Enlightenment: 1560-1789

Chapter 8: Philosophical Positions of the Body and the Development of Physical Education

Chapter 9: Sport in the Colonial Period

Chapter 10: Changing Concepts of the Body: An Overview of Sport and Play in Nineteenth- Century America

Chapter 11: The Impact of Science and the Concept of Health on the Theoretical and Professional Development of Physical Education: 1885 - 1930

Chapter 12: The Transformation of Physical Education: 1900 - 1939

Chapter 13: The Evolution of Physical Education: 1940 and Beyond

Chapter 14: Sport in the Twentieth Century

Chapter 15: Pioneers and Progress: 1896 - 1936

Chapter 16: The Cold War Olympics: 1948 – 1988

Chapter 17: After the Cold War: 1992 - 2012