Fusion Analysis: Merging Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Risk-Adjusted Excess Returns https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/0071629386.jpeg 1 9780071629386 Question: What is the best way to make money on your investments? Answer: There is no one single quick answer. That’s why you need Fusion Analysis. One of the fastest-growing trends in investment today, fusion analysis combines the best of all possible strategies into one powerful, unified system. Based on the now-famous NYIF investment course taught by renowned portfolio manager V. John Palicka CFA CMT, this all-in-one guide shows you how to: Manage fundamental trends like gold investing and small-cap investing Master technical tools such as price forecasts and market data histories Recognize behavioral patterns like fear, greed, impulse, and sentiment Utilize quant systems to adapt, evolve, and balance your investments Whether you’re a hedge fund manager, a portfolio professional, or an individual investor, you’ll find a complete range of techniques that can work together for you. By combining the very best of all investment approaches, Palicka’s integrated system provides the perfect fusion of theory and practice. You’ll learn how to capitalize on the repeating nature of investment psychology—and avoid the emotional fallout that can rattle the market. You’ll learn how to strengthen and diversify your portfolio with strategic buys such as gold and other metals. You’ll learn how to identify future growth companies, evaluate real-estate opportunities, and evaluate your assets for the bigger picture. Once you fuse a strategy together, you can adjust your risks for the highest return possible. In today’s market, you need more than one strategy to grow your investments. You need the full-range potential of Fusion Analysis.
Fusion Analysis: Merging Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Risk-Adjusted Excess Returns

Fusion Analysis: Merging Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Risk-Adjusted Excess Returns

1st Edition
By V. John Palicka
ISBN10: 0071629386
ISBN13: 9780071629386
Copyright: 2012

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ISBN10: 0071629386 | ISBN13: 9780071629386



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Part 1: The Big Picture

1. The Big Picture

2. Big Question: Where Is the Market Going?

3. Technical and Fundamental Decision

Part Two: The Fluctuating Moves

4. Valuation and Broad Approaches in Fundamental Analysis

5. Valuation Is Just the Beginning

6. Investing, Trading, and Gold

7. Gold and Paper Money

Part 3: The Ticking Clock: Growth of Concentric Circles

8. Determinism, Investing, and Trading

9. Time Travel Revisited

10. Other Economic Cycles

11. Sentiment and Technical Tools

12. Elliot Wave Principle and Real Estate: Mixing a Technical Tool and a Fundamental

Part 4: Fusion Process

13. Quant Systems

14. Financial and Emotional Blend and Trading Strategies

15. Derivatives Inputs and Trading Strategies

16. Developing Our Model

17. Fusion Process and Steve Madden Case Study

18. Fusion Demonstration for New Ideas and Necessary Investment Knowledge

Conclusion: The Future and the Golden Butterfly


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