Fundamentals of Digital and Computer Design with VHDL
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Boolean Algebra, Boolean Functions, VHDL, and Gates

Chapter 2: Number Conversions, Codes, and Function Minimization

Chapter 3: Introduction to Logic Circuit Analysis and Design

Chapter 4: Combinational Logic Circuit Design with VHDL

Chapter 5: Bistable Memory Device Design with VHDL

Chapter 6: Simple Finite State Machine Design with VHDL

Chapter 7: Computer Circuits

Chapter 8: Circuit Implementation Techniques

Chapter 9: Complex Finite State Machine Design with VHDL

Chapter 10: Basic Computer Architectures

Chapter 11: Assembly Language Programming for VBC1

Chapter 12: Designing Input/Output Circuits

Chapter 13: Designing Instruction Memory, Loading Program Counter, and Debounced Circuit

Chapter 14: Designing Multiplexed Display Systems

Chapter 15: Designing Instruction Decoders

Chapter 16: Designing Arithmetic Logic Units

Chapter 17: Completing the Design for VBC1

Chapter 18: Assembly Language Programming for VBC1-E

Chapter 19: Designing Input/Output Circuits for VBC1-E

Chapter 20: Designing the Data Memory Circuit for VBC1-E

Chapter 21: Designing the Arithmetic, Logic, Shift, Rotate, and Unconditional Jump Circuits for VBC1-E

Chapter 22: Designing a Circuit to Prevent Program Execution During Manual Loading for VBC1-E

Chapter 23: Designing Extented Instruction Memory for VBC1-E

Chapter 24: Designing the Software Interrupt Circuits for VBC1-E

Chapter 25: Completing the Design for VBC1-E