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Table of Contents

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Part I: The Personal Side of Reading
Chapter 1: Start Strong: Taking Charge of Success in College
Part II: Comprehension and Critical Reading Skills
Chapter 2: Get Ready to Read: Active Reading Strategies for Managing College Texts
Chapter 3: The Power of Words: Understanding College Vocabulary
Chapter 4: Get the BIG Picture: Identifying the Main Idea in College Reading
Chapter 5: Finding the Right Support: Locating and Using Important Details
Chapter 6: Mapping the Course of Action: Identifying Writing Patterns
Chapter 7: You Be the Judge: Becoming a Critical Reader
Chapter 8: A Tangled Web: Assessing Internet Sources
Chapter 9: Put the Pieces Together: Reorganizing Information for Reading and Studying
Chapter 10: Make Your Mark: Becoming and Effective Test Taker
Part III: Modules: Theme Based Reading Selections
Module 1: Code of Conduct
Module 2: Resilience
Module 3: Diversity
Module 4: School and Learning
Module 5: The World of Work
Module 6: Physical Health and Well Being
Module 7: Risks and Responsibilities
Module 8: Relationships