The Entrepreneurial Attitude: Lessons From Junior Achievement's 100 Years Of Developing Young Entrepreneurs
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Foreword: Asheesh Advani, CEO, JA Worldwide


Introduction: Getting the Entrepreneurial Attitude -- Why It's So Important for Young People in Today's Global Economy

Part 1: The Four Fundamental Practices of the World's Great Entrepreneurs

Chapter 1: Sense of Mission -- Creating an Entrepreneurial Strategy and Culture

Chapter 2: Customer/Product Vision -- My Customer, My Product, My Self-Respect

Chapter 3: High-Speed Innovation -- The Necessity to Invent, the Freedom to Act

Chapter 4: Self-Inspired Behavior -- Love What You Do and Get Very Good At Doing It

Chapter 5: What's Really Required -- The Three Requirements

Part 2: JA's Seven Competencies: The Entrepreneurial Attitude in Action

Chapter 6: Goal Orientation and Initiative: Having a Self-Starting Nature and Proactive Approach

Chapter 7: Leadership and Responsibility: Taking Ownership of a Project, Group, or Task

Chapter 8: Creativity: Engaging Imagination to Create and Innovate

Chapter 9: Teamwork: Cooperating and Working with Others to Achieve a Common Goal

Chapter 10: Perseverance: Completing Tasks and Goals Despite Difficulties or Delays

Chapter 11: Resourcefulness: Observing Situations and Skillfully Addressing Difficulties

Chapter 12: Self-Efficacy: Having Belief or Confidence in Your Ability to Succeed

Conclusion: The Entrepreneurial Attitude -- Doing Something Great With Your Life!

Applications: My Entrepreneurial Start-Up Action Plan