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Table of Contents

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Part 1 – The Legal Environment of Business
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Dynamic Business Law
Chapter 2: Business Ethics
Chapter 3: The U.S. Legal System
Chapter 4: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 5: Constitutional Principles
Chapter 6: International and Comparative Law
Chapter 7: Crime and the Business Community
Chapter 8: Tort Law
Chapter 9: Negligence and Strict Liability
Chapter 10: Product Liability
Chapter 11: Liability of Accounts and Other Professionals
Chapter 12: Intellectual Property

Part 2 – Contracts
Chapter 13: Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 14: Agreement
Chapter 15: Consideration
Chapter 16: Capacity and Legality
Chapter 17: Legal Assent
Chapter 18: Contracts in Writing
Chapter 19: Third-Party Rights to Contracts
Chapter 20: Discharge and Remedies

Part 3 – Domestic and International Sales Law
Chapter 21: Introduction to Sales and Lease Contracts
Chapter 22: Title, Risk of Loss, and Insurable Interest
Chapter 23: Performance and Obligations under Sales and Leases
Chapter 24: Remedies for Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts
Chapter 25: Warranties

Part 4 – Negotiable Instruments and Banking
Chapter 26: Negotiable Instruments: Negotiability and Transferability
Chapter 27: Negotiation, Holder in Due Course, and Defenses
Chapter 28: Liability, Defenses, and Discharge
Chapter 29: Checks and Electronic Fund Transfers

Part 5 – Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy
Chapter 30: Secured Transactions
Chapter 31: Other Creditors’ Remedies and Suretyship
Chapter 32: Bankruptcy and Reorganization

Part 6 – Agency
Chapter 33: Agency Formation and Duties
Chapter 34: Liability to Third Parties and Termination

Part 7 – Business Organizations
Chapter 35: Forms of Business Organization
Chapter 36: Partnerships: Nature, Formation, and Operation
Chapter 37: Partnerships: Termination and Limited Partnerships
Chapter 38: Corporations: Formation and Financing
Chapter 39: Corporations: Directors, Officers, and Shareholders
Chapter 40: Corporations: Mergers, Consolidations, and Terminations
Chapter 41: Corporations: Securities and Investor Protection

Part 8 – Employment and Labor Relations
Chapter 42: Employment and Labor Law
Chapter 43: Employment Discrimination

Part 9 – Government Regulation
Chapter 44: Administrative Law
Chapter 45: Consumer Law
Chapter 46: Environmental Law
Chapter 47: Antitrust Law

Part 10 – Property
Chapter 48: The Nature of Property, Personal Property, and Bailments
Chapter 49: Real Property
Chapter 50: Landlord-Tenant Law
Chapter 51: Insurance Law
Chapter 52: Wills and Trusts

Appendix A: The Constitution of the United States of America
Appendix B: Uniform Commercial Code
Appendix C: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Appendix D: The Civil Rights Act of 1991