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•    Business Relevance: This text is designed for business majors taking a one semester Business Law course.   
•    Critical thinking: An ethical decision making framework and an emphasis on critical thinking provides a cohesive theme throughout text and cases.
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Table of Contents

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PART 1 The Legal Environment of Business
1 An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Dynamic Business Law
2 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
3 The U.S. Legal System and Alternative Dispute Resolution
4 Administrative Law
5 Constitutional Law
6 Criminal Law and Business
7 Tort Law
8 Real, Personal, and Intellectual Property
PART 2 Contract Law
9 Introduction to Contracts and Agreement
10 Consideration
11 Capacity and Legality
12 Reality of Assent
13 Contracts in Writing and Third-Party Contracts
14 Discharge and Remedies
PART 3 Domestic and International Sales Law
15 Formation and Performance of Sales and Lease Contracts
16 Sales and Lease Contracts: Performance, Warranties, and Remedies
PART 4 Negotiable Instruments and Banking
17 Negotiable Instruments: Negotiability and Transferability
18 Holder in Due Course, Liability, and Defenses
PART 5 Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy
19 Secured Transactions and Bankruptcy
PART 6 Agency
20 Agency and Liability to Third Parties
PART 7 Business Organizations
21 Forms of Business Organization
22 Corporations: Formation and Organization
23 Securities Regulation
PART 8 Government Regulation
24 Employment and Discrimination Law
25 Consumer Law