CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition
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Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I: The Era of the Social Customer; Chapter 1. OMG! Your Customer is Really Your BFF!; Chapter 2. CRM, CMR, VRM or...Who Cares?; Chapter 3. The Customer Owns the Experience; Chapter 4. Enterprise 2.0: Not Exactly What You Think; Chapter 5. A Company Like Me: New Business; Part II: So Happy Together: Collaborating with Your Customers; Chapter 6. Do You Have the Ring? Tools; Chapter 7. Love Your Customer Publicly: Blogs and Podcasts; Chapter 8. Wikis Are a Weird Name for Collaboration, N'est Ce Pas?; Chapter 9. Social Networks, User Communities: Who Loves Ya, Baby?; Chapter 10. Movin' and Groovin': The Use of Mobile Devices; Part III: Baby Stays, Bathwater Goes--CRM Still Needs the Operational; Chapter 11. The Collaborative Value Chain; Chapter 12. Sales and Marketing: The Customer Is the Right Subject; Chapter 13. Customer Service Is Our Name--and Our Game; Chapter 14. The Difference: CRM, the Public Sector, and Politics; Chapter 15. SOA for Poets; Chapter 16. At Home or in the Clouds--and In Open Spaces Between; Chapter 17. Big Picture, Big Strategies; Chapter 18. Mapping the Customer Experience; Chapter 19. Process and Data Go Together; Chapter 20. Value Given, Value Received: Analyzing the Return on CRM; Chapter 21. When You Buy the Application, You Buy the Vendor, Though You Don't Implement Him; Chapter 22. Waving to the Future; Appendix. The Social Web and the Public Sector: From the World to the State; Index