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Part 1 The Mode of Production

Chapter 1 The Emergence of the Cinema as an Institution

Chapter 2 Classical Hollywood Cinema: Narration

Chapter 3 Classical Hollywood Cinema: Style

Chapter 4 The Studio System

Chapter 5 The Star System

Part 2 Genre and The Genre System

Chapter 6 Silent Film Melodrama

Chapter 7 The Musical

Chapter 8 American Comedy

Chapter 9 War and Cinema

Chapter 10 Film Noir: Somewhere in the Night

Chapter 11 The Making of the West

Chapter 12 Horror and Science Fiction

Part 3 A Postwar History

Chapter 13 Hollywood and the Cold War

Chapter 14 Hollywood in the Age of Television

Chapter 15 The 1960s: The Counterculture Strikes Back

Chapter 16 The Film School Generation

Chapter 17 Into the Twenty-First Century

Glossary of Technical and Other Terms