Computational Fluid Dynamics
Table of Contents

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I Basic Thoughts and Equations

1 Philosophy of Computational Fluid Dynamics

2 The Governing Equations of Fluid Dynamics: Their Derivation, A Discussion of Their Physical Meaning, and A Presentation of Forms Particularly Suitable to CFD

3 Mathematical Behavior of Partial Differential Equations The Impact on Computational Fluid Dynamics

II Basics of the Numerics

4 Basic Aspects of Discretization

5 Grids and Meshes, With Appropriate Transformations

6 Some Simple CFD Techniques A Beginning

III Some Applications

7 Numerical Solutions of Quasi-One-Dimensional Nozzle Flows

8 Numerical Solution of A Two-Dimensional Supersonic Flow Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Wave

9 Incompressible Couette Flow Numerical Solution by Means of an Implicit Method and the Pressure Correction Method

10 Incompressible, Inviscid Slow Over a Circular Cylinder Solution by the Technique Relaxation

IV Other Topics

11 Some Advanced Topics in Modern CFD A Discussion

12 The Future of Computational Fluid Dynamics


Thomas's Algorithm for the Solution of A Tridiagonal System of Equations References