Coming Alive From Nine to Five in a 24/7 World
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Chapter 1. Needs, Wants, And Values: Spotlighting YOU

Success is Everybody's Dream

Clarifying Needs, Wants, and Values Leads to Successful Goals

Personal Goals

The Work Ethic: A Personal Philosophic View

Just a Job, or a Career?

Chapter 2. Personality and Performance: Pieces of the Puzzle

Areas of Interest: The Personality Mosaic

Personality Mosaic

Dealing with Data, People, and Things

Getting an Edge on the Job Hunt Process

Chapter 3. The Career Connection: Finding Your Job Satisfiers

Making the Career Connection

Occupational Information 101

Exploring Further: Researching Your Options

Chapter 4. Work: Challenges, Options, and Opportunities

Charting the Future: A Global Philosophic View of Work

Societal Perspectives: Challenges and Options

Economics Oversimplified

Buy Now, Pay Later: The Consumer Society Goes Global

Economy Meets the Environment

Options Banish Gloom and Doom

Sustainable Systems Defined

Hope on the Economic Horizon: Business As Unusual

The Ethical Perspective: Time for a Change

Global Consciousness: Thinking the Unthinkable, Doing the Undoable

Job Market Outlook and Opportunities: Realities and Balance

Personality Types in the Job Market

Back to the Future: Job Market Outlook and Opportunities

New Paradigms

Chapter 5. Workplaces/Workstyles: Companies That Work

Seven Categories of Workplaces

Career Ladders Large and Small

Wanted: Rewards on All Levels

Workplace Values: Ethics 101

Autonomy Dimensions: Who's Boss?

Workplace Diversity

Stressed for Success

Chapter 6. Timestyles/Workstyles: Alternatives That Work

Full-Time Alternatives

The Computer Commute

Work in the In-Between

Work of One's Own-the Entrepreneur

Third-Wave Prosumers

New Views

Leisure Styles


The Ins and Outs of Workplaces: Doing the Research

Information Interviewing

Work Experience

Chapter 7. The Job Hunt: Tools for Breaking and Entering

Develop Job Search Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics

Hiring Managers


Job Recruiters and Agencies

Job Ads

The Resume

Cover Letters

Letters of Reference

The Application Form

The Interview

Job Offers: Too Many or Too Few?

Navigate Electronic Communications and the Internet

Chapter 8. Decisions, Decisions: What's Your Next Move?


Four Options

Decision Making: A Four-Phase Process

Job Hunting...Again? Again!

The Great Gap

Change is Here to Stay

Success: New Directions

Chapter 9. Work Affects the Soul: The Final Analysis

Chapter 1: Needs, Wants, and Values: Spotlighting YOU

Chapter 2 and 3: Peronality and Job Satisfiers

Chapter 4: Work: Challenges, Options, and Opportunities

Chapter 5 and 6: Workplaces/Workstyles/Timelines

Chapter 7: The Job Hunt: Tools for Breaking and Entering

Chapter 8: Decisions, Decisions: What's Your Next Move?