Clinician's Guide to Surgical Care
Table of Contents

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I. General Surgical Care

1. A Team Approach to Surgical Disease

2. The Surgical Consult

3. Tubes, Drains and Ostomies

4. General Care of the Surgical Patient

5. Acute Clinical Deterioration

II. Surgical problems

6. Acute Abdominal Pain

7. Chronic Abdominal Pain

8. Chest Pain

9. Upper GI Bleeding

10. Lower GI Bleeding

11. Wounds and Wound Care

12. Peripheral Vascular Insufficiency

13. Neurologic Distrubances

14. Masses

15. Anal Pain

16. Vaginal Bleeding & Pelvic Pain

17. Back and Neck Pain

18. Hematuria & Scrotal Pain

19. Obesity

20. Soft Tissue Tumors

III. Table of Surgical Procedures