The Cleveland Clinic Way: Lessons in Excellence from One of the World's Leading Health Care Organizations
Table of Contents

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Preface ix
Acknowledgments xv
Chapter 1
Group Practices Provide Better—and Cheaper—Care 1
Chapter 2
Collaborative Care Is More Effective 27
Chapter 3
Care Should Be Monitored and Recorded for Quality 53
Chapter 4
Twenty-First-Century Care Should Be Innovative 79
Chapter 5
Care Should Be a Healing Experience for Body and Mind 109
Chapter 6
Wellness Depends on Healthcare, Not Sick Care 133
Chapter 7
Care Should Take Place in Different Settings for Comfort and Value 151
Chapter 8
Care Should Be Tailor-Made for You 173
Toward a Healthier Future 193
History of Cleveland Clinic: A Timeline 199
Notes 205