Business Calculus Demystified
Business Calculus Demystified

Business Calculus Demystified

1st Edition
By Rhonda Huettenmueller
Copyright: 2006

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ISBN10: 0071451579 | ISBN13: 9780071451574


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Chapter 1: Algebra Review

The slope and equation of a line

Finding x-intercepts

Solving equations

Quadratic functions

The vertex

The maximum/minimum value of a quadratic function

Increasing/decreasing intervals

Some important exponent properties

Chapter 2: Average rate of change


Chapter 3: Definition of derivative

Properties of the derivative

Instantaneous rates of change

The tangent line
  • The Power Rule
  • The Product Rule
  • The Quotient Rule
  • The Chain Rule

Layering different formulas

Chapter 5: Applications
  • Optimizing functions
  • Maximizing revenue and profit, minimizing cost, and other optimizing problems

Chapter 6: The second derivative


Another method for optimizing functions

Chapter 7: Implicit differentiation

Chapter 8: Rational functions

Limits and asymptotes

Chapter 9: Using calculus to sketch graphs

Graphs of polynomial functions Chapter 10: Exponents and Logarithm functions

Using log properties to simplify differentiation

Chapter 11: Integration
  • The antiderivative
  • Integration formulas
  • The area under the curve
  • More integration formulas
  • Integration techniques

Chapter 12: Applications of the integral