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Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, Eighth Edition
Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, Eighth Edition

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, Eighth Edition, 8th Edition

ISBN10: 1260441059 | ISBN13: 9781260441055
By Ronald Sterkenburg and Michael Kroes
© 2019

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* The estimated amount of time this product will be on the market is based on a number of factors, including faculty input to instructional design and the prior revision cycle and updates to academic research-which typically results in a revision cycle ranging from every two to four years for this product. Pricing subject to change at any time.

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Get up-to-date information on every aspect of aircraft maintenance and prepare for the FAA A&P certification exam

This trusted textbook covers all of the airframe maintenance and repair topics that students must understand in order to achieve Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification as set forth by the FAA’s FAR 147 curriculum. Fully updated for the latest standards and technologies, the book offers detailed discussions of key topics, including structures and coverings, sheet metal and welding, assemblies, landing gear, and fuel systems. Relevant FAA regulations and safety requirements are highlighted throughout. You will get hundreds of illustrations, end-of-chapter review questions, and multiple-choice practice exam questions. New content reflects the industry-wide shift toward all-composite aircraft models and includes explanations of cutting-edge covering systems, modern welding techniques, methods and tools for riveting and rigging, fire detection, and de-icing systems.

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, Eighth Edition, covers:

Hazardous materials
Welding equipment
Welding and repair
Sheet-metal construction, inspection, and repair
Plastics and composites
Assembly and rigging
Fluid power
Aircraft landing-gear and fuel systems
Environmental and auxiliary systems

1. Hazardous Materials and Safety Practices
Hazardous Materials
OSHA’s Hazardous Communications Standards
Disposal and Accidental Releases of Hazardous Materials
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
2. Aircraft Structures
Aircraft Structural Design
Principal Aircraft Structures
Aircraft Station Numbers
Nomenclature and Definitions
Cockpits, Cabins, and Compartments
Tail and Control Surfaces
Landing Gear
Powerplant Structures
Rotorcraft Structures
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
3. Fabrication and Repair of Wood Structures
Aircraft Woods
Adhesives and Bonding Procedures
Construction and Repair of Wood Structures
Care of Aircraft with Wood Structures
Inspection of Airplanes Having Wood Structures
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
4. Fabric Coverings
Fabric Types and Terminology
Dopes and Finishing Materials
Facilities and Equipment for Aircraft Covering
Selection of Fabric Covering Material
Application of Fabric Covers for Aircraft
Fabric Inspection
Repair of Fabric Coverings
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
5. Aircraft Painting and Markings
Aircraft Finishing Materials
Spray-Paint Equipment
Finishing Metal Aircraft and Parts
Registration Marks for Aircraft
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
6. Welding Equipment and Techniques
Fundamentals of Welding
Oxyacetylene Welding
Gas Welding Techniques
Electric-Arc Welding
Inert-Gas Welding
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
7. Welded Aircraft Structures and Repair
Construction of Steel-Tube Assemblies by Welding
Inspection of Steel-Tube Structures
Aircraft Tubing Repair
Special Welding Repairs
Soldering and Brazing
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
8. Sheet-Metal Construction
Design Philosophies
Factors Affecting Sheet-Metal Part and Joint Design
Fundamental Calculations for Structures
Bending Metals
Preparation for Layout Work
Hand Tools for Sheet-Metal Work
Floor and Bench Machinery for Sheet-Metal Work
Fabrication of Sheet-Metal Parts
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
9. Sheet-Metal Inspection and Repair
Sheet-Metal Inspection
Sheet-Metal Repair
Repair Practices
Rivet-Repair Design
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
10. Plastics
Fundamentals of Plastic Materials
Working with Plastic Materials
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Plastic Materials
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
11. Advanced Composite Materials
Laminated Structures
Major Components of a Laminate
Strength Characteristics
Description of Sandwich Structures
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
12. Assembly and Rigging
Aircraft Assembly
Aircraft Rigging
Fixed-Surface Alignment
Aircraft Flight Controls
Secondary Flight-Control Surfaces
Control-System Components
Control Surface Rigging
Balancing Control Surfaces
Inspection and Maintenance
Helicopter Flight Controls
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
13. Aircraft Fluid Power Systems
Principles of Hydraulics
Hydraulic Fluids
Hydraulic Reservoirs
Hydraulic Filters
Hydraulic Pumps
Pressure-Control Devices
Pressure-Reducing Valves
Selector Valves
Automatic-Operating Control Valves
Hydraulic Actuators
Hydraulic Plumbing Components
Hydraulic Systems for Aircraft
Hydraulic System for the Boeing 777 Airliner
Hydraulic System for the Airbus 380
The Hydraulic System Monitoring Unit
Hydraulic System for the Bell 214ST Helicopter
Pneumatic Systems for Aircraft
Summary of Hydraulic System Maintenance Practices
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
14. Aircraft Landing-Gear Systems
Landing-Gear Configurations
Classification of Landing Gear
Landing-Gear Components
Steering Systems
Retraction Systems
Transport Aircraft Landing-Gear Systems
Inspection and Maintenance of Landing Gear
Tires and Wheels
Design and Operation of Brake Assemblies
Aircraft Brake Systems
Brake Maintenance
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
15. Aircraft Fuel Systems
Requirements for Fuel Systems
Fuel Tanks
Fuel-System Components
Types of Fuel Systems
Fuel Subsystems
Typical Aircraft Fuel Systems
Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of Fuel Systems
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
16. Environmental Systems
Heating Systems
Cabin-Cooling Systems
Cabin-Pressurization Systems
Cabin Environmental System for a Jet Airliner
Summary of Pressurization and Air-Conditioning Systems
Oxygen Systems
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
17. Auxiliary Systems
Fire Protection Systems
Ice Protection Systems
Rain-Removal Systems
Water and Waste Systems
Position and Warning Systems
Auxiliary Power Units
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions
18. Troubleshooting Theory and Practice
The Troubleshooting Process
Format of Troubleshooting Charts
Review Questions
Multiple-Choice Questions

About the Author

Ronald Sterkenburg

Michael Kroes

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