Theatre, Brief Loose Leaf
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* Offers equal measures of appreciation of theatrical arts, history of performance, and descriptions of the collaborative theatrical crafts.
* Coverage of design, acting, directing, and photo essays, paired with supplemental photographs from five continents showing recent stage productions, provides a behind-the-scenes look at professional theatre artists performing their craft.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Chapter 1 What Is the Theatre? 6

Chapter 2 What Is a Play? 20

Chapter 3 The Actor 37

Chapter 4 The Playwright 59

Chapter 5 Designers and Technicians 86

Chapter 6 The Director 143

Chapter 7 Theatre Traditions: East and West 187

Chapter 8 The Modern Theatre 214

Chapter 9 The American Musical Theatre 240

Chapter 10 Global Theatre Today 255 

Chapter 11 The Critic 310

Seven history chapters, formerly included in the comprehensive edition (Theatre),
are available for instructors who want a greater historical focus in their course. These include:
The Ancients
The Middle Ages
The Renaissance
The Theatre of Asia
The Royal Era
The Modern Theatre: Realism
The Modern Theatre: Antirealism