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Tegrity's cloud-based delivery model and fully-automated workflow offer rapid deployment and unlimited scalability. There's no need to install, manage or maintain any servers or classroom-based appliances.

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Basic Features

Cloud-based delivery model deploys rapidly and scales affordably

Tegrity's full cloud-based service requires no servers or classroom-based appliances. Institutions can deploy Tegrity rapidly, and affordably scale as usage grows. For institutions that want their recordings stored on campus, there is a option to store content locally.

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Advanced integration automates end-to-end lecture capture workflow

Tegrity AAIRS™ integration technology with its simple drag and drop interface quickly establishes a real-time connection between Tegrity and one or more CMS/SIS, ensuring that user, role, course and enrollment data are always up to date. No need to manually enter users or courses, or schedule recordings at the start of each semester.

Manage AAIRS screesnhot

Flexible authentication for single sign-on (SSO)

Along with web based SSO supporting virtually any LMS or CMS, Tegrity's flexible and extensible authentication model allows simultaneous connectivity to more than one authentication source (LDAP, Active Directory, CMS, etc.) at a time.

Customizable look and feel

Easily change the logo, color scheme, text and images to accurately represent your institution’s brand.

Enable automatic closed captioning

To ensure section 508 compliance, Tegrity provides several options to address the unique needs of students with disabilities. We have seamless integrations with several industry-leading captioning providers to provide a fully integrated, automated captioning workflow. Additionally, Tegrity provides a no-cost voice-to-text caption option for individual faculty use, for performing the initial heavy lifting of captioning needed, which can be edited for improved accuracy. All captioned text gets added to our SmartSearch™ search tool, to further maximize student efficiency.

Closed Captioning screenshot

Centralized management

Administrators can implement policies or monitor operations centrally for the institution, or system, through an easy to navigate web-based interface.

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Efficient Purge & Archive

Tegrity has made it easier than ever for administrators to efficiently identify and purge or archive past semester instructor, student or proctored recordings and supplemental content.

Measure usage and outcomes

Thanks to its advanced integration technology, Tegrity reporting drills down to the user-level. The Outcomes Analysis report then correlates this detailed usage data with grades to determine the overall impact Tegrity is making on learning.

Only Tegrity has Native iOS and Android Apps.

No one does mobile like Tegrity, the only lecture capture solution with native apps for iPod Touch and iPhone, iPad and Android devices. And the Tegrity Mobile App lets students do much more than simply view recorded content. It provides students with a personalized learning environment that they can access from just about anywhere through today’s most popular mobile devices.


All course content in one place

The Tegrity Mobile App lets students access recordings across all their courses, in one place. Simply click on the desired course on the top of the screen, and all recordings for that course are shown. The courses presented are based on the user's enrollment, which is determined via the real-time connection that Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration technology maintains with the CMS/LMS.

Controlled access

The Tegrity Mobile App works seamlessly with Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration technology in order to authenticate users with the institution's authentication authority, allowing only those students with the appropriate credentials to view course recordings.

Search Anything™ Mobile

Students can search through recordings in order to find what they are looking for on the Tegrity web interface, so why wouldn't they want to do the same on their mobile device. They would of course, which is why the Tegrity Mobile App supports full search capability, letting students quickly find the content they need to review.

Smart Bookmarks

Tegrity allows students to efficiently access specific instructor content through “Important”, “Unclear” or “General” bookmarks they have created. They may also record personal comments to help them further define their bookmarks, allowing them to focus their study time addressing personal problem areas or key content they are responsible for. Smart Bookmarks may also be easily sorted to maximize study efficiency.

Speed it up, slow it down

As students view Tegrity recordings through the Tegrity Mobile App, they can easily speed up or slowdown playback speed. This is great for ESL students who want to slow the rate of the instructor's speech, or the medical school student that wants to increase the playback speed in order to review a large amount of content as efficiently as possible.

Advanced Features

Enforce institution or system-wide policies

Centrally enable or disable features such as the ability to download, student printing, live webcasting and more.

Course Settings screenshot

Centrally monitor recorders and recordings

If desired, the administrator can monitor the recorders across the campus, as well as the specific recordings and their status.

Monitor Recordings screenshot

Scheduled recordings

Administrators can schedule recordings to start and stop automatically at specified times. The recordings are automatically inserted into the correct course once the recording is completed.

Schedule Recordings screenshot

Options exist for starting and stopping the recording with or without notifying the instructor. Another option automatically opens the Tegrity Recorder at the scheduled time, and then the instructor can click ‘Start’ when they are ready to officially begin class.

Select Recording Mode screenshot

Enable public links

Recordings can be made publicly accessible in order to let the outside world view them.

Share Recording screenshot

Move, copy and delete

Although instructors can easily manage their own recordings, administrators can also move, copy and delete recordings as desired.

Copy Recording screenshot


No Servers. No Software. No Headaches.

With Tegrity, there's no need to purchase, install, manage or maintain any servers or classroom-based appliances. Tegrity is delivered via a high-reliability cloud-based infrastructure built from the ground up to deliver high-performance lecture capture. For institutions that desire content stored locally, there is a local storage and delivery option available.

Rapid Deployment

Tegrity's cloud-based infrastructure is ready to go when you are, allowing you to rapidly deploy Tegrity across campus. When the instructor clicks record for the first time, the Tegrity Recorder is automatically installed, meaning there is no software to distribute. Updates are also handled automatically.

Real-time LMS Integration Provides Total Automation

With most solutions, instructor automation often comes at the expense of IT staff, which is required to fill out scheduling tables at the start of each semester and perform import/export processes to keep user and enrollment data in sync. With Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration technology, IT functions are completely automated, making it easy to support, even when resources are limited. Learn more about AAIRS™ technology, which supports just about all of the major LMS here.

Multi-source Authentication and Authorization

Tegrity's AAIRS™ technology supports multiple authentication and authorization authorities, making it easy to support a mixed environment. Whether your institution uses two different LMS, or is migrating from one to another, AAIRS can seamlessly support multiple authentication (e.g. Active Directory, LDAP) and authorization (typically an LMS) systems running concurrently.


The goals of most lecture capture solutions are to provide simple, automated recording and playback. In other words, they are built with a production-centric focus. Tegrity Campus is different, as the primary focus is on learning. At Tegrity, we see the viewing of recordings as the starting point to deeper learning; which is enabled through a rich set of features that let students interact with the content, as well as with their instructors and fellow classmates in ways that make learning more efficient.