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Hear from a Student at Howard University on Student Led Inclusivity Organizations

Student-led organizations are dedicated to raising awareness, advocating for change, and fostering an inclusive campus environment. 

Many student-led organizations at Howard University promote accessibility and inclusivity. The majority of our students' interests have been organized into an organization that they can join to use all of the tools made available. The organization B.E.S.T You Programming, which was founded in 2020, was built on the three pillars of sisterhood, mentorship, and confidence-building. An organization dedicated to empowering girls of color from underprivileged areas in Washington, D.C., to make a difference in the world. They also intend to introduce a new pillar, mental health, in order to increase public awareness of issues like suicide and other aspects of mental health. For college women looking to empower other young black women, this organization is a fantastic option. B.E.S.T You Programming has also formally begun to grow to other campuses, such as Florida A&M University and Stockton University, in order to spread their missions to various communities outside of the D.C. metropolitan area and promote a more welcoming campus environment.  

Other groups include the Howard University Caribbean Student Association, which offers Caribbean students an inclusive environment where their needs are also represented, and The Women's Network, which promotes and educates the betterment of our women in society. For people of Caribbean descent and those who want to learn more about Caribbean culture, the Howard University Caribbean Student Association offers a community. They hold cultural events, workshops, pageants, and leadership roles, giving students the chance to advocate for our Caribbean students' rights and raise awareness about issues relevant to them and their home countries.  

Howard University International Pals is another organization that caters to the inclusivity of international students on campus. It is a community organization that provides freshman international students with a "pal" who is also an international student but older, who will guide them and help them find resources, as well as advocate for their needs, ensuring that our international students are not left behind. Since studying abroad can be quite stressful, this gives international students a safety net.  

Lastly, the Howard Alternative Spring Break is a group devoted to bringing attention to issues in our society and assisting others by traveling to several states and other nations like Puerto Rico and Kenya. This is a terrific organization to help you do your bit in helping make the world a better place merely by dedicating your time and efforts to helping others. Topics like mental health, abuse, poverty, and child education were significant components in fighting for change in our society. 

About the Author

Hi, I'm Kristojay Clarke (she/her), a second-year Biology major with a minor in Chemistry, and a future cardiothoracic surgeon. My passion for biomedical research has led me to Howard University's College of Arts and Sciences, where I am pursuing a BS in Biology.

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