As we enter who-knows-what-day of social distancing, you’ve probably watched almost all the shows on Netflix. After all, Tiger King is only 7 episodes so you’ll likely be asking yourself, “What else is there to do besides binge Netflix?”  I get it! That’s why I have composed a list of some things you can do other than watch shows.

1.    Develop a Routine

Am I the only one struggling to change out of my pajamas each day? It helps to develop a routine – a routine will provide some stability to your day. Set a wake-up time, plan out your meals, and try not to sleep in the middle of the day. A routine will not only bring balance to your new normal, it will also help you get through the days with a sense of purpose. Develop a routine that allows you to be productive, yet still provides time to de-stress.

2.    Feel the Sun

With all this going on, don’t forget that it’s summer. Summer is a great season to sit outside, on your patio or in the backyard. Take a moment to feel the sun on your face and breathe fresh air. Going outdoors will help improve your mood and reduce stress. Try listening to your favorite artist or reading a book during this time.

3.    Pick Up the Phone

Do you have TikTok downloaded yet? New dance challenges are abundant right now. Have some fun on your phone, learn a new dance, and record it. This is also a great way to get some movement in your day. Record silly dance videos to laugh at yourself, post online, or send to a friend.

Another idea is to call your friends or family. You never know how someone else is feeling during a time like this. Take a few moments out of your day to connect with your loved ones, friends, and family.

4.    Try a New Hobby

Is there a new hobby that you have been wanting to learn but haven't had time? Try it now. You can learn almost anything through YouTube videos. You will find tons of cool, free, how-to videos on YouTube. If YouTube is not the thing for you, try Pinterest -- make something new and express yourself.

5.    Connect Within

Day-to-day life can be extremely stressful, especially with the added uncertainty that COVID-19 brings. Take time for yourself. Be intentional -- meditate or journal your thoughts and feelings. We often neglect ourselves when we are being pulled in a variety of different directions. Get back to you and do things that bring you joy. Keep your spirits high and your thoughts positive during this time.

Hope these tips help. Thanks for reading!