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2022 May Connect Updates Now Live: Fewer Clicks. New Co-Instructor Privileges.

The new Connect instructor interface can be summarized in just a few words: Fewer Clicks. New Co-Instructor Privileges. But the upgrade encompasses so much more.  

The updates that went live in May 2022 will bring vast improvements to existing workflows through a cleaner, more simplified dashboard.  

And even if the idea of a seamless instructor experience doesn’t get you excited, the ability to add co-instructors definitely will. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to give additional instructors and Lab Coordinators access to your course, the new co-instructor privileges will make it a breeze.  

Professor Melissa Gutierrez from the University of Southern Mississippi described the new Connect features as “a huge improvement to the instructor experience.” She’s most excited about the ability to utilize co-instructor access, and preview assignment details.   

Which new feature will be your favorite? Read more about the Connect updates below coming in May. 

*NEW Co-Instructor Privileges 

Instructors can now easily add additional instructors to any section. For those who have co-instructors set up in their LMS, access will happen automatically without any additional steps required. 

*UPDATED Section Dashboard 

The redesigned section dashboard now surfaces important information including the Assignment Results Report and the ability to see student performance details by hovering the icons. In addition, you can preview upcoming assignments. New views will include:  

The Assignments Results Report 

  • Preview of assignment results and student progress 

Assignment Preview 

  • Preview of upcoming assignments and individual student progress 
  • View assignment details including if an assignment is paired with LMS, assigned, proctored, requires manual grading, and more. 

*NEW Assignments Tab 

The new Assignments tab provides a clean interface with the ability to view important assignment information without any additional clicks. It will be much easier to identify different assignment types, proctored assignments, and assignments that require manual grading. Additional benefits to the assignments tab include: 

  • More screen space when viewing assignments 

  • New assignment icons for unique assignment types 

  • Ability to view assignments details without additional clicks 

*NEW Optimized for Mobile 

Updated instructor pages are now optimized for your mobile device, including automatic resizing and redistribution of screen space for tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the upgrades make Connect even more accessible with screens that are screen reader compatible, keyboard navigable and have up to 400% magnification. 

A new toggle on the homepage will allow you to try out the new experience and switch back to the previous interface if you’d like. 

We’ll continue to provide more information and training opportunities for the May Connect updates over the next few months, but in the meantime, feel free to reach out to your McGraw Hill representative with your questions.