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Nvidia Becomes Employer of Choice | March 2024

Nvidia, founded in California in 1993 by three entrepreneurs, is the largest chipmaker in the United States. The company has seen a spike in sales thanks to growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, Nvidia has become an employer of choice for many job searchers.

What Does Employer of Choice Mean?

A so-called employer of choice is an organization that is highly regarded by job seekers and existing employees as an attractive workplace. These employers typically prioritize creating a positive and inclusive culture, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and providing opportunities for professional growth. Characteristics of an employer of choice include a positive workplace culture, competitive compensation, career development opportunities, work-life balance, employee recognition, strong leadership, and social responsibility.

Inside Nvidia’s Growth

High demand for AI technology, especially generative AI tech, has increased demand for semiconductor chips specifically designed to handle AI systems, creating new business opportunities for chipmakers. Nvidia has the largest market share in AI chips. It is most well-known for its graphics-processing chips used for gaming, but when the company’s engineers discovered the chips worked well for AI tasks, it was able to diversify its customer base and capitalize on new opportunities.

A Desirable Place to Work

Nvidia’s stellar performance makes it attractive to potential employees. Many say Nvidia has always been a great place to work, with generous compensation packages and a focus on employee empowerment. The company’s benefits include unlimited paid-time-off and student loan repayment. Nvidia has created a community with its employees calling themselves Nvidians. Many employees are drawn-in by the company’s hands-on approach which often sees new hires immediately entrusted with big projects. This intense, collaborative, innovative, fast-paced environment is desirable for many job seekers.

Nvidia is recruiting for more than 1,700 jobs, including engineering roles, some requiring a Ph.D., with pay ranging from $144,000 to $414,000. Nvidia often requires engineers to know multiple programming languages along with highly specialized skills.

In the Classroom

This article can be used to discuss recruiting and selecting new employees (Chapter 10: Managing Human Resources).

Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean to be an “employer of choice”?
  2. What factors have contributed to Nvidia’s growth?
  3. What makes Nvidia a desirable place to work?

This article was developed with the support of Kelsey Reddick for and under the direction of O.C. Ferrell, Linda Ferrell, and Geoff Hirt.


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