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AAA Pipeline Symposium Washington DC Highlights

AAA Pipeline Symposium Washington DC Highlights  

  1. Flip Managerial and Financial topics in the Introductory course(s) – promote flexibility of our content, potential addition of a chapter/positioning of existing content that addresses the flip – why are we doing this/why accounting? 

  1. Develop simulations ASAP 

  1. Incorporate math/excel tutorials into accounting Connect courses 

  1. Partner with Accounting+ 

  1. Link to videos that promote Accounting (AAA/AICPA/Accounting+) like “Why Accounting,” young professionals, etc. 


Future Accountant Stakeholder Symposium: Partnering for Impact, Sept. 28-29, 2023 

Sponsored by: American Accounting Association and NABA, Inc. 

Eighty critical stakeholders gathered to:  

  • Strengthen relationships 

  • Create an environment to brainstorm, ideate and collaborate 

  • Learn from each other – what are you doing that makes a difference  

  • Leave with a Plan that is scalable and sustainable by the collective body for the good of the profession 

Participants self-selected into one of four work groups and spent a very energetic and enthusiastic day and half brainstorming ideas, discussing and prioritizing potential solutions, and determining a plan for next steps for these four key areas: 

  • High School Programming 

  • Community College Programming 

  • Principles Course 

  • Branding of the Profession 

Action items will be determined by the work group participants over the next several months.